"Cut Flowers", 1999.
6' high

"Reclining on Couch", 1999
Painted Lasercut Stainless Steel
19" x5" x 9"

"Grandchildren", 1996
Painted Lasercut Stainless Steel
5' x 4'

" Pioneers", 1996

Lasercut Stainless Steel
9' x 12'
BABETTE BLOCH has experimented for the last 15 years with sculpture's various mediums, combining traditional clay, plaster and bronze with acrylic paints and her unique sensibilty. Classically trained, eclectic in taste, whimsical in vision, technically curious, and thorougly committed to creating a personal style, Babette has now found her medium.

She begins with exquisitely refined black-on-white drawings that she translates, through the space-age magic of computer-driven lasers, into finely detailed stainless steel works of art. Brilliantly designed, these laser-cut artworks combine the traditional and the modern, by melding Babette's finely-honed drafting skills with literally "cutting-edge" technology and materials.

Babette Bloch brings an inspired design-sense to every one of her laser-cut artworks. She divides her time between site-specific one-of-a-kind artworks, and limited edition laser-cut works in the round, some exquisitely painted, others enhanced to reflect the natural beauty of her chosen material.
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