Theodore Roosevelt Portrait Relief
Bronze, Edition of 25
9" x 12". 1992

Winston Churchill
Bronze, Edition of 9
Lifesize. 1998
Marc Mellon's works in bronze have served to recognize leadership in a number of fields, including philanthropy, civic affairs, business, sports, and the arts. According to Mellon, " A successful portrait bust or statue goes well beyond a simple likeness. There are distinct qualities that make for achievers, and a good bronze portrait bust or statue will clearly project those qualities."

The artist has sculpted busts of world leaders including Winston Churchill, President Ronald Reagan, President and Mrs. Teng-hui Lee of Taiwan, President Theodore Roosevelt, and a bust of President George Bush which is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian.

Major public monuments by the artist include commemorative over life-size statues of Kate Smith, in Philadelphia and Dr. Alton Ochsner in New Orleans. The artist has also turned his talent toward creating bas relief and medallion portraits. These projects include a portrait relief of Bess Simon for Indiana Unviersity in Bloomington, for a building named in her honor. His relief portrait of Theodore Roosevelt (for the Theodore Roosevelt Association) is permanently installed at historic sites around the country. Mellon's bronze medalion of Roosevelt is a coveted award presented annually.

Mellon has been chosen to provide works in bronze for some of America's most respected corporations, including American Express, CBS, Forbes Inc, and ABC.Business leaders William Simon, Robert L. Crandall, Lou Gerstner, August Busch IV, and Dave Thomas own Mellon bronzes, as do the media and entertainment world's Ted Turner, Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and Steve Wynn.

The artist is also well-known for his bronze figures in motion and balance. Dancers and athletes are amongst his favorite subjects. Legendary dance world personalities Agnes de Mille and Cynthia Gregory have been honored with Mellon bronzes, as have athletes Michael Jordan, Mickey Mantle, Magic Johnson, Chris Evert, Arthur Ashe, Joe Namath, Tom Seaver, Larry Bird and others. Realistic full-figure portrait commisions include Drazen Petrovic for the NBA and Bob Clarke for the Philadelphia Flyers.
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President Lee Teng-hui of Taiwan
Clay model for bronze bust.

Portrait Bust of President Bush
Bronze, 1-1/2 life -size
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