Shining Sung is the American Representative of the Chi Mei Museum of Taiwan. Ms. Sung has a manifold role as the representative of the Chi Mei Museum. She attends major auctions to acquire artworks for the Museum, and also travels extensively to visit other private collections. Ms. Sung hopes to cooperate with museums in the United States to bring the Chi-Mei collection to America for exhibitions.

Shining Collection is pleased to offer a new casting of Paul Manship's Prometheus. Please click on the area at left for more information.

The Chi Mei Museum houses the private collection of the Chi Mei Industrial Company in Tainan, Taiwan. The Chi Mei has the largest collection of Western Art in Asia. The Museum has 5 departments: Painting and Sculpture; Musical Instruments; Antiquities; Natural History; and Arms and Armor.

Reproductions, publications and recordings from the Chi Mei Museum's collection are now available through the Shining Collection. Among the offerings is the limited edition book Chi-Mei Collection of Fine Violins, with full-size photographs of the rare instruments which are the crown jewels of the collection.

Besides representing the Chi-Mei Museum, Ms. Sung also represents a roster of artists - painters, sculptors, and photographers.

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